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Victorinox Spartan Red Pocket Knife

12 Function Pocket Knife.
With shipment Pickup In-Store for $0.00
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Sales price $39.95

 Victorinox Spartan Pocket Knife

Key features:

12 functions
Can opener with small screwdriver

Height :14.5 mm

Length : 91 mm

Weight : 59 g

Medium Pocket Knife with Can Opener

 Item #: 1.3603 -
 When you hear the words Swiss Army Knife, chances are you think of the legendary Officer's knife. And that legend continues with the Spartan pocket knife. This is the pocket knife that started it all. The one that helped people all around the world to get the job done. And wherever your everyday adventures take you, the Spartan is ready.

Tools  Features -

1.blade, large
2.blade, small
3.can opener
4.screwdriver 3 mm
5.bottle opener
6.wire stripper

7.screwdriver 5 mm
8.reamer, punch and sewing awl
12.key ring

Net weight : 59 g


Scale material
ABS / Celidor 

Size : 91 mm

Blade lockable : No 

One hand blade : No 

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